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13th Annual Fall Gathering
Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 5:30PM
Cost: $30 per person

Grab the kids and your dancing boots and come join us for all the fun and entertainment at our Annual Fall Gathering Barbecue. Featuring an always popular and delicious ranch-style menu from Big Daddy E's and live entertainment by those talented musicians with Sky Daddy & Lonesome Valley, this commemorative event pays tribute to the museum's roots and its Grand Opening in 1984. In addition, as is tradition here at the museum, we will also hold an induction ceremony for our latest inductees into the Arizona Rancher & Cowboy Hall of Fame.
This year's inspirational new member is Gail Steiger, a local singer, songwriter, cowboy poet and foreman on the Spider Ranch. 
So make plans now to join us in the Fall for another very special Phippen tradition. You don't want to miss it. Call now (928)778-1385.

Specters of the Past: Arizona's Ghost Towns with Jay Mark
Saturday, September 22nd at 1PM
The promise of unimagined riches is what brought many of the earliest colonizers to the Arizona Territory. Following the trail to the discovery of the mother lode, they built, then dismantled and finally abandoned communities when mines played out – leaving behind tantalizing clues of difficult hardships. Some towns survived like Bisbee, Jerome, Tombstone and Oatman. Most disappeared, gradually becoming absorbed back into the desert from which they arose. This presentation explores more than a decade of historian Jay Mark's journeys to these fascinating ghost places, along with their stories – long-forgotten places like Charleston, Contention City, Mowry, Fairbank, Gleeson and Congress. Join us for a repeat of this previously "sold-out" presentation.


Where Biography Meets Historical Fiction: Sedona Schnebly with Lisa Schnebly-Heidinger
Thursday, October 18th at 5:30PM
$25 for Musuem Members & $30 for Guests

After doing her first interview with one of Sedona's daughters, 35 years passed before the final page of this biography was written. This is the journal her great-granddaughter wishes she had found in the family archives. Hear passages from the manuscript and how family stories were handled; as well as the cultural and family research process that plays a part in crafting a historically accurate biography.
Reservations required at (928)778-1385

Art & Wine: A Perfect Pairing
Thursday, October 25th at 5:30PM
$35 per person; must be 21 or older to participate
Wine, tasty snacks and all art supplies provided by the museum
Reservations can be made at (928)778-1385

Sharlot Hall with Jody Drake
Saturday, October 27th at 1PM
Join us for an afternoon of fun, entertainment and historical insight as Jody Drake brings to life the character and local legend of Sharlot Hall.


Wrangling 1500 Wild Mustangs: Insights into the Wild Horse Controversy with H. Alan Day
Saturday, November 17th at 1PM
In 1989, Alan Day lobbied the United States Congress and was granted approval to create our country's first government-sponsored wild horse sanctuary on his South Dakota ranch. At the time, the government housed roughly 2,000 horses in feedlots. Fifteen hundred of those wild mustangs came to live at Mustang Meadows Ranch where, for four years, Alan trained and cared for them. Today, the Bureau of Land Management holds over 60,000 wild mustangs in feedlots, and the number keeps growing. Why are so many of these esteemed animals in captivity? Alan will share his experiences with the wild horses, as well as his insights into the present controversy surrounding these icons of the West.


Embracing the Struggle with Chris Navarro
Saturday, December 8th at 1PM
Sculptor Chris Navarro, featured in the current Embrace the Struggle exhibtion, will share his journey that has taken him from bronco busting to sculpting. As an artist, he wants to inspire others to endure the struggles in life through his story and art. After his lecture, Chris will be available to sign his book of the same name.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a 15% fee for cancellations up to 1 week before paid programming; no refunds are given after that time. 

(All refunds will be dispersed by check.)