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Riding with the Duke: John Wayne in Arizona with Gregory McNamee
Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Cost $30 (Members $25)
John Wayne was born in Iowa and lived for most of his adult life in California. Yet, he spent many years exploring, living, and investing in Arizona, where he produced his own films, raised cattle, operated a game ranch, and was seemingly everywhere at once. Wayne remains an iconic presence in American popular culture. In this talk, Gregory McNamee, who often writes about film and western history alike for such publications as the Encyclopedia Britannica and The Hollywood Reporter, looks at the Duke's long career in Arizona.
Reservations Required - (928)778-1385

Arizona Frontier Ranch Medicine with Jody Drake
Saturday, August 19th at 1PM
Once your family arrived in the west, most often there wasn't a doctor within miles. The medical care of the family landed in the hands of the other family members. Luckily, however, it was soon learned that the region's plant life held many secrets for someone who was ill. Chew a little willow bark for a headache, pine needles are rich in vitamin C, a spider web will close up a cut, and so many other remedies. In this presentation Jody Drake utilizes a frontier medical bag to take an in depth look at illness in Arizona and how it was treated in late 1800's.


Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Cost: $25 per person (children 8 and under are FREE)
Reservations reguired - (928)778-1385


I Was Born Here with Mick Shepard
Thursday, October 19th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Cost $30 (Members $25)
Mick Shepard is no stranger to Prescott. Born here in 1953, he is a first-person eyewitness to the happenings of the place we now call Everbody's Hometown. He will strap you into his time machine to relive his memories of "the greenest apples, fastest sneakers, and greatest summers that ever bloomed". People say you can never go back...but Mick claims that "it's all there in the back pocket of your heart!" 

Wicked Prescott with Parker Anderson
Saturday, October 21st at 1PM
Swindlers, confidencemen and outlaws - the mountain shadows and Ponderosa pines surrounding Prescott conceal their grim histories and crooked ways. The small hamlet turned mining town became Arizona's first capital in 1864, and with wealth and power came every type of vice and crime. Local author Parker Anderson recounts these tales and more wicked misdeeds from early Prescott's wildest days. 


Dia de los Muertos: A Celebration of Life and Death with Elena Diaz Bjorkquist
Saturday, November 4th at 1PM
Dressed in a Mexican huipil, with her face painted in a traditional calavera (skull), Elena Diaz Bjorkquist answers questions regarding the history and roots of this Mexican holiday and how it's celebrated. Many Mexicans and Mexican Americans believe death isn't a subject to be feared or ignored by the living. And this platica (talk) traces the origins of the Mexican festival and describes traditional elements, including foods, folk crafts and altars. Presented in cooperation with Arizona Humanities' Speakers Bureau, AZ Speaks.

Safari Arizona: Interesting Faces & Iconic Places with Joe Webster
Saturday, November 18th at 1PM
Joe Webster has traveled over most of Arizona photographing the beauty of this amazing state and visiting its best and most iconic locations. And during this fascinating program he will share some of his favorite images and take guests from Prescott to the southeastern part of the state, hidden spots in Phoenix and Scottsdale and some of the lesser known areas that merit a visit. Along the way his camera also records some of the interesting faces that occupy those iconic sites.


Specters of the Past: Arizona's Ghost Towns with Jay Mark
January 13th, 2018 at 1PM
The promise of unimagined riches is what brought many of the earlisest colonizers to the Arizona Territory. Following the trail to the discovery of the mother lode, they built, then dismantled and finally abandoned communities once the mines playe out...leaving behind tantalizing clues of difficult hardships. Some towns survived, but most disappeared, gradually being absorbed back into the desert from which they arose.

Vintage Arizona: The Growth, Death & Rebirth of a Local Wine Industry with Erik Berg
Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 5:30PM
Cost $30 (Museum Members $25)
Arizona's wine industry is currently booming. Starting from almost nothing in the 1970's there are now over 50 wineries across the state and more starting every year. And despite the youth of the current industry, there is a long history of wine-making in Arizona dating back some 200 years. Using numerous illustrations, this program traces the fascinating (and often amusing) story of wine from the Spanish Colonial period to the present. Make your reservations early at (928)778-1385.


Buckey O'Neill: Undaunted Courage & Boundless Ambition with Kevin Schindler 
Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 at 1PM
This program explores the inspirational life of Buckey O'Neill, one of Arizona's (and Prescott's) legendary pioneers. Even author William MacLeod Raine called him "the most many-sided man Arizona has produced". Before dying in Cuba while serving as one of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders, O'Neill made his mark in Arizona as a newspaper editor, sheriff, mayor and prospector, among other professions. Whether chasing train robbers across the Arizona frontier, promoting the Grand Canyon as a tourist destination, or reforming education practices while serving as school superintendent, he lived with an eye toward helping Arizona mature from an untamed western territory to a creditable state. Don't miss this special presentation. Kevin Schindler is an award-winning educator and writer who has a dual passion for history and science. He has presented hundreds of educational programs, authored four books and written more than 400 magazine and newspaper articles.

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

MARCH 2018

Cowpokes, Crooks & Cactus: Arizona in the Movies with Gregory McNamee
Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 1PM
Tyrone Power, Andy Devine, Katy Jurado, Steve McQueen and, of course, John Wayne. From the earliest days of film, Arizona has been the setting and subject of hundreds of films. Some, like Junior Bonner and Red River, are considered classics; others, such as Billy Jack and Evolution, surely less so. And in this entertaining presentation, Gregory McNamee, will take an in depth look at the Grand Canyon state on the silver screen.

APRIL 2018

Cochise & Bascom: How the Apache Wars Began with Doug Hocking
Saturday, April 21st, 2018 at 1PM
In 1861, Lieutenant George Bascom congronted Chiricahua Apache leader Cochise, demanding the return of the abducted boy, Felix Ward (aka. Mickey Free). The epic 14-day affair saw 70 soldiers, who were surrounded by 500 Apaches, rescued by the timely intervention of the cavalry and how the whole thing ended in bloodshed, with hostages slain on both sides. This program explores all the circumstances that led to this violent confrontation and how blame came to rest on the Lieutenant.

MAY 2018

15th Annual Miniature Masterpiece Show & Sale
May 1st through May 28th, 2018
More than 60 successful and established western artists will present small works of art for sale by draw at fixed prices to benefit the Phippen Museum. Artwork will be on display at the museum throughout the month of May. Collectors will be able to place an intent-to-purchase either in person or online, so make plans to visit the museum and enjoy these works by some of the West's most renowned artists; then make an offer on these reasonably priced pieces of museum quality fine art.
Sale by Draw will be held on Monday, May 30th at 11AM.

PAWS (Phippen Award Winners); Small Works To Go Exhibition & Sale
May 5th through June 3rd, 2018
This exhibition and sales event is created with both new and experienced Western art collectors in mind. Featuring paintings and sculptures by award-winning artists from our past 3 Western Art Shows, this presentation allows buyers to leave with their art at any time during the  show. Unsold pieces will remain on display and available for purchase throughtout this event.

May 26th, 27th & 28th, 2018
Arizona's premiere outdoor western art show and sale is held over Memorial Day weekend on the historic courthouse plaza in downtown Prescott. It features over 90 juried, Western artists from all across the nation. Weekend events include Quick Draw challenges, live art auctions, and much more.

JUNE 2018

Rafting on the Colorado with Brad Newman
Thursday, June 21st, 2018 at 5:30PM
Cost $30 (Museum Members $25)
More information to come.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a 15% fee for cancellations up to 1 week before paid programming; no refunds are given after that time.
(All refunds will be dispersed by check.)